How to make exquisite patterns on EPDM rubber flooring?

To make a beautiful EPDM rubber flooring, there are several steps:

First of all, there should be a very beautiful designing pattern. After getting the drawing pictures and determining the color, comparing with the national standard color card, find out the corresponding color card number, and customize the granules with the same color on the design drawing. (Customized services create a unique venue design, Changyue sports customizes various colors of granules for you)


Secondly, ground investigation is also very important. Find out the ponding, determine the area, calculate the accurate amount of materials, and ensure that the same color granules in the site have no color difference.

Thirdly, according to the design drawing, set out the shape of the pattern and make the accurate marks.


Fourthly, find out the color of the drawing according to the drawing, and confirm again. Because the color of granules is similar, the granules corresponding to the pattern must be accurately determined.

The fifth part is about construction. In the construction process, experienced construction teams will pay great attention to the problem of damaging patterns and grounds, and pay attention to protection and remindings.


Sixthly, after the pattern is completed, pay attention to the problem of large-area color filling. In this step, also pay attention not to standing on the pattern if shoes stained with glue.

 Seventhly, after large-scale completion and solidification, we need to sketch the pattern and lines. This step adds the touch that brings a work of art to life. We need to take care that not to pollute the white paint on the completion ground.


Every child's childhood shall be accompanied by colorful flowers. Make a perfect EPDM ground,  let children feel the beauty of life...

Post time: Mar-12-2020

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