How to calculate the materials consumption of EPDM granules?

  1. 1. The amount of EPDM granules is related to the thickness of the site.


The thickness of the site is directly related to the amount of EPDM. The thicker the thickness is, the greater the amount of EPDM is. In the construction, we usually calculate the amount of EPDM in the unit of 1mm / m2

For Example the material consumption is 1.2 kg 1mm / m2, then the consumption per square of 13mm is 13 * 1.2 = 15.6kg/m2

  1. 2. The amount of EPDM granules is also related to the rubber percentage and specific proportion of EPDM


The amount of calcium powder in EPDM with large rubber percentage will be small, and the unit weight and volume will be large, that is to say, the granules with the same weight will be large, and the amount of the site will be small. The higher the rubber percentage, the smaller the amount, the higher the performance price ratio, the elasticity and abrasiveness will be better.

 For example, the economic EPDM granules with 10% rubber content are 10 mm / m2, the material consumption is 1.1 kg, and for 20% rubber content EPDM granules with 10 mm / m2 is 1 kg

  1. 3. The amount of EPDM granules is also related to the planeness of the site foundation

If the site planeness meets the requirements (there is no ponding in the site after rain), the normal amount can be used. If there is ponding after the site test, the material shall be increased, and the increased amount shall be calculated according to the thickness and area of ponding.

(how to test the ponding area and material amount, please pay attention to other articles by Changyue Sports continuously.)

  1. 4. After calculating the quantity, we usually prepare the goods according to 1-1.5% of the original quantity, so as to avoid the shortage of materials and the problem of work delay.


5. For how to effectively handle and utilize the remaining EPDM materials on the site, please continue to pay attention to us.

Post time: Mar-05-2020

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