How to calculate EPDM granules amount used on the site with ponding ?

  1. 1. How to calculate the EPDM granules amount used on the site with ponding ?

Because of its functional requirements, the sports surfaces often choose EPDM with good elasticity, bright colors and easily shaped granules to make as construction materials.


After the completion of construction, a perfect EPDM ground has good elasticity and bright color instead of color difference and pondings. However a good site also needs a good foundation, the foundation requires good drainage, which will not cause pondings, undurability, harm to the athletes or other problems latterly.


The professional construction team or professional sales team will give you professional advice, calculate the area of water accumulation, so that the site does not have pondings on the basis of ensuring the thickness, and will not cause the situation of secondary materials.

  1. 2. How to reasonably calculate the material increased by water accumulation on the site

There are usually two steps:

A. Pondings test

Drain the water on the construction site, draw the accumulated water with a marking pen, and   calculate the accumulated water area.

B. Estimate the thickness of the water with a heel or ruler.

C. According to the thickness of the site and the normal amount of EPDM granules, calculate the unit amount required for the thickness of the ponding, and then multiply the unit amount by the area of ponding to calculate the amount of EPDM particles required for all ponding.

A good EPDM site comes from a professional construction guidance scheme. Changyue sports provides you with professional guidance on sports venues to guarantee your perfect venue construction.


Post time: Mar-11-2020

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