Full PU System Rubber Running Track

Short Description:

Material color: Red / Green / yellow / other.

Caution: avoid burning

Thickness: 13mm

Temperature resistance: medium

Surface elasticity: high

Friction: high

Abrasion resistance: high

UV resistance: strong

Substructure requirements: Concrete / Asphalt

Application  International and domestic special venues

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Professional EPDM Granules Manufacturer,Professional Sports Surfaces Contrator


About Full PU System Running Track

A Full PU Track specification on running tracks is the premium top quality specification however this does come with a price and generally is the most expensive however many athletes would say you pay for what you get. These Polyurethane Athletics Track Surfaces are impervious so basically non porous and do not allow water to soak through the system. The make up of the Full PU Track surface is a base material flooded with two part flexible polyurethane elastomer and rubberized crumb cast insitu.




  Material QuantityKg/㎡)



Acrylic latex material mixed with quartz sand and composite portland cement by 1:2:2 Acrylic latex 0.35

quartz sand 0.7

composite portland cement 0.7


Elastic Layer

Mix the color paste and special PU binder at the ratio of 5:1 in weight with catalyst (0.5-2.5‰)






Buffer Layer

Mix the color paste and special PU binder at the ratio of 5:1 in weight with catalyst (0.5-2.5‰)






Surface Layer

Mix the color paste and special PU binder at the ratio of 5:1 in weight with catalyst (0.5-2.5‰)





PU Granules 4


Surface Protection Layer

Mix the color paste and special PU binder at the ratio of 3:1 in weight




Line Mark

White PU 3:1 lining material



Full PU Running Track System Usage Reference Data(Asphalt Foundation)

The solid PU athletics track wearing course surfacing is a layer of polyurethane resin binder with coloured EPDM rubber crumb cast into the uncured surfacing. The broadcast of the rubber EPDM granules can be carried out in blue, green or red colour with the most common being the latter and know to many as the tartan track colour Full PU Track. The advantages of the Full PU Track is that it is hard wearing, long lasting, high durability with energy boosting elasticity. The Polyurethane Athletics Track Surfaces are perfect for spikes and an elite premium running track specification system.


Running Track Projects

Professional EPDM Granules Manufacturer, Professional Sports Surfaces Contractor.


Anhui Dingyuan Primary School

13mm Permeable Running Track


Shandong Changyi Secondary School

13mm Full Pour System Running Track


Huzhou Pattington Bilingual School

13mm Permeable Running Track


Ergonomic: resilient, comfortable,  and easy on the joints

Pervious: provides rapid drainage for quick drying and stormwater management

Safe: Resilient, comfortable, low slip

Durable: long lasting, easily repairable, low maintenance

Sustainable: made from recycled and regional materials

Environmentally Friendly: no heavy metal leaching, non-toxic

Customizable: variety of systems available to suit different project needs


About Changyue Sports

Changzhou Changyue Sports Facilities Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D, production and sales of running track rubber granules and artificial turf. The company is in Cultural and Creative Industry Park in Tianning District, located in the center of the Yangtze River Delta, adjacent to Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and Yanjiang Expressway, with convenient transportation and beautiful scenery. The company covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters, with a construction area of over than 8,000 square meters.

The company's main products are rubber running track material, silicon PU material, acrylic material, EPDM (ethylene propylene rubber material), artificial lawn and so on. With professional talents, excellent R&D team, experienced construction team and advanced production equipment, Changyue has become a mature company system within a few yearsproviding professional technical guidance and construction services for many customers.


The company insists on innovation and successfully develops a special rubber granule with glue content over than 30%. The granules are bright and beautiful in color, have better elasticity and wear resistance. The products have been certified by CE, SGS, LABOSPORT and other certifications. At the same time, the company has good cooperation with China Railway Construction, Hengnuo Garden, Shanghai Jiaotong University Education Group and other enterprises. The products have been exported to Europe, Africa and Asia and other countries and regions.

Changyue takes environmental protection as its production concept and devotes itself to creating environment-friendly, beautiful and comfortable sports space for customers, serving every customer with a consistent working attitude. In the future, Changyue will provide more perfect products for customers at home and abroad with higher standards, and build an excellent comprehensive service provider for China’s sports industry!

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QUESTION 1: What is thickness for the IAAF Running Track?

ANSWER: The International Standard thickness is 13mm. Other sizes are available as your request.

QUESTION 2: Can we get installation support if we have no own constructors?

ANSWER: Yes, we’ve technical staffs with passport and instruct on-the-pot.

QUESTION 3:  Are your running track materials safety?

ANSWER: Yes, our materials are safety, no-toxic and environmental.

QUESTION 4: What are the options for the base construction of a running track?

ANSWER: The ground is based on asphalt or concrete.

QUESTION 5:What is the life Span for Running track?

ANSWER:  The life span is about 10-15years.

QUESTION 6: Are the SBR granules made of new SBR rubber or Recycled rubber?

ANSWER: All of our products are made of New SBR rubber, not recycled rubber.

QUESTION 7: Are you a factory or a trading company?

ANSWER:  Changyue Sports is an original factory.





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